Who is this “Rea”?

Howdy! I am just a teen girl defying the low expectations tagged onto teens all over America and pretty much anywhere else. It doesn’t help that I am a girl and girls have even lower expectations put upon them. My goal is to make my teen years mean something and this blog is a part of that. The purpose of my blog has its own tab in the Navigation widget so click that for more info.

I love all foods and all foods love me. I love music, swing dancing, volleyball, reading, hanging out with people (I’m extremely extroverted and can make a friend in just a few hours with them), photography, poetry, mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian), Netflix (my bff), and joking around. I try to apply humor to all aspects of my life because the best feeling ever is when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and it is slightly hard to breathe.

“There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.” -A super cute book mark that I have/had

I also love poetry so you will see some original poems here and there on this blog. My favorite “poem” (it’s actually a rap) is in the song Jesus Is Alright by dcTalk. It’s the bridge and the words right before it say “Now we come to the play-offs.” It’s so much fun to rap and I love it! It is a 90’s song, but that means NOTHING! This band is still majorly popular even thought they were on a 16 year break. I was able to arrange for some of my friends to meet one of the lead singers TobyMac. They got pictures for me and even sent me an autographed copy of his new CD Hits Deep Live. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I’ve been listening to T-Mac for the longest time.

I also like quite a bit of 80’s music because my dad has raised me well. My mom doesn’t care for that music as much as my dad does. I can play guitar, clarinet, and I love to sing.

Enjoy my blog, and hit me up with any questions, comments, fears, burdens of the soul, or post ideas you have! I read the comments and will try to reply to you asap. HUGS!