This is an amazing poem by my fellow advocate, Charlotte. She has put into words what goes on under our noses. Charlotte has done it very beautifully, accurately, and deserves high praise for her efforts as an advocate. Thank you so much for what you do!

Another poem about Human Trafficking that I wrote during spare seconds today. 🙂 Enjoy!

Forgotten, but no stranger to neglect or pain,

Deep in depression, each day passes, still feel the same

Cuts on your body, some from him, others from your hand.

You remember when you had your future planned,

Those plans didn’t include falling for him,

Getting addicted to drugs and doing them,

It didn’t involve depression or trying to die,

It didn’t involve partying and getting high.

When you stepped in that car you thought your dreams,

Were coming true, or so it seemed,

Now you look back and curse your teen brain,

You look around and only see pain,

Every time you look in the mirror,

The tattoos remind you, you’re her,

The girl who people call…you can’t even repeat,

But you know you’ll die if you don’t act sweet,

So you act, put on a…

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Hey y’all!

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Deception And Darkness

 (Latin) poetas, poetatis, m. — poet 

So, inspiration comes at the weirdest of times.

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A Story From the Heart

NOTE: Alterations have been made to protect the person’s identity and whereabouts.


This is a story of a little girl (we will call her “P” to protect her identity) told by her adopted mother on her encounters with sex-trafficking.

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