Hey y’all!

Today I had the opportunity to tangibly be involved with preventing human trafficking.

I had an event after school today to make cards for girls on the run from their trafficking predators. This organization is called Written On Your Heart. I absolutely LOVE this organization and what they do. They send cards made by ordinary people like you and me to safe houses so girls on the run can have something to lift their spirits. They will decorate their space with them, but it’s small enough that they can take it with them when they have to move.

Today I had a card making event at my school. There were 7 ladies there–4 teenagers (including me) and 3 teachers. Together we made 22 cards that look so cute!!!


These are our cards!!! ❤

I love artsy things and this was so much fun to do! Be sure to check out WOYH and possibly run an event for yourself!!! If you have any questions, let me know!


❤ Thanks Melanie and Lauren for your help and support! ❤ Thanks Mom for your help! ❤ Thanks to all the ladies who were there!






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