Deception And Darkness

 (Latin) poetas, poetatis, m. — poet 

So, inspiration comes at the weirdest of times.

This time happened to be late at night when I was supposed to be in bed when inspiration just took over me. I had all these ideas and lines going in my head so I had to write them down. Sadly, I didn’t get them all on paper, but I got the majority. I remember there was one line I absolutely loved, but I didn’t write it down in time so obviously I forgot it. I never understood it when poets would say, “It just came to me in a whirlwind,” or “So many ideas were bouncing around in my head and I couldn’t grab at them all,” until now. It really is a weird experience.

Without any further adieu, here is my latest and greatest poem: Deception And Darkness.

Darkness and I have a history.

The bad kind.

As a child I

had Light.

Light has been snuffed

by him.

Dark things happen

in Darkness.

Under Darkness’ wing

is Deception.

Deception gave me Marks.

They won’t leave.

They have found their

home on me.

They are here to stay.

Because of him:


Deception partners with Darkness.

They tag-team.

Deception uses me,

says he “loves me.”

Why shouldn’t I

believe him?

I have Nothing,

Nothing to cling to.

Except the horrors

that await me

from Deception and Darkness.

Darkness destroys me.

He mutilates my body

until my Spirit has been crushed.

He steals what was

given to me.

I was told to guard it.

Protect it with all my being.

But he bested me.

All I have is Nothing.

If my gift was taken from me,

what else will?


Even Nothing can be

taken from me.

Deception and Darkness 

have proved that point.

I hope you liked this post and learned something from this. If you have any questions, comments, fears, burdens of the soul, I’m here! I read every comment and I’m good on replying to you. Lately, some comments have been marked as spam even though they aren’t. So if it takes me an extra while to reply to your comment, maybe it got sent there. I try to check it regularly in case that happens so just be patient.

If you have any blog post ideas, hit me up! Every blogger accepts blog post ideas because you never know if your gonna run into a dry patch of inspiration. I want the comment section to be very involved in discussion so you can head over there and ask anything! Fell free to (respectfully) discuss things with me and others, or even debate us if you don’t agree with what someone said. Again, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL! I want people to feel united and not driven apart. It’s ok to disagree if you do it in the right way. With that in mind, be careful how you word things over the Interweb. People can read your comment one way while at the same time you mean something entirely different. Be conscientious.

Love you guys. HUGS!






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