Something I’ve seen on the Interweb is that a lot of people wonder why don’t the captive try to escape?

Well then.

There are many different reasons why. Some girls (I say girls because there are more girls than boys being trafficked) are threatened. Their abuser may threaten to harm/kill their family, friends, or the girl herself. This in turn puts the girl in a bad place.

Some girls are too young and can’t fend for themselves-which in turn makes them scared because as a young child you depend on your parents/guardians to provide for you. The average age of a sex-trafficking victim is 13.

Some girls have been convinced by their captors (and have convinced themselves) that their abuser actually loves and cares for them! Girls just want to be loved and accepted so their captor will use that to his advantage by buying the girl nice gifts, telling her he loves her, taking her to nice places that seems like a date, but really isn’t. The technical term for it is the Stockholm Syndrome when the girl thinks she is being loved. This can also explain why some girls stay with their boyfriend even though he beats them and/or emotionally abuses them. All of this then screws up the girl’s perspective of love.

This one I just found out and will act like I already knew it. Some girls are given “tests.” The captor sends in a person (probably someone she doesn’t know) and that person pretends to rescue her. If she responds in a way that indicates she would go away with this person, she is then beaten. The girl will become hardened, disconnected, hopeless, angry, and isolated-which will then make her doubt the sincerity and truthfulness when a person really comes to save her: the goal of the slaveholder.

I hope you found this interesting! As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! I read every single one of your comments and can’t wait to hear from you. It is really amazing and kinda fun when you can discuss something with a like-minded person. Someone put it that the WordPress community is like your extended family (or your second slightly crazy very supportive family). I’m here all the time if you wanna discuss something and anyone else is welcome to join our conversation.






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