Exploited vs. Trafficked (brought to you by Love 146)

Love 146 (which is where I got all this information) defines it the best when someone is:

Trafficked: is any commercial sex act or labor induced by force, fraud or coercion.


Exploitation: is to take advantage of vulnerabilities.


An immigrant accepts a job that pays less than minimum wage.

This is Labor Exploitation.

Why? Force, fraud and coercion were not used.

A woman has a job in an unfamiliar country and then her passport is taken, she is forced to clean the house she is staying in, and gets sexually assaulted by her boss.

This is Labor Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

Why? She is trafficked because she is forced to work with no pay. The sexual                         exploitation is not trafficking because she is not being paid.

A woman takes an offered waitressing job from a passing tourist in her village. When she arrives at for work, she is then forced by her boss to have sex with the customers for money.

This is Sex Trafficking.

Why? She was defrauded and made to perform sex acts with the customers and                   it was financially benefiting her employer.

For further detail, check out Love 146’s super cool slide show that goes into more detail and has tons more info than I could put on this one post.


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