A Story From the Heart

NOTE: Alterations have been made to protect the person’s identity and whereabouts.


This is a story of a little girl (we will call her “P” to protect her identity) told by her adopted mother on her encounters with sex-trafficking.

“[P] was born in a hospital in a small town in Texas. Her life began with parents that were addicted to Oxycontin and had gotten themselves involved with trafficking children from [state A to state B]. 

“By the age of 8 weeks she would now be in the state of [B] where her parents were always on the move. Living out of a van they never stayed in an area more than 24 hours. By the age of 18 months, [P] was already addicted to drugs and had experienced more violence than a person should ever witness. She was being sexually abused by the teen boys that were being prepped to become pimps one day. She has clear memories and still experiences night terrors regarding a shooting incident that occurred when one of the teen boys was told to kill a newborn baby. When the teen hesitated [P’s] father held a gun to the teen boy’s temples and said if he didn’t kill the baby then he would shot him (the teen boy) and then make his brother shot the baby. So the teen boy pulled the trigger and shot the newborn baby. [P] calls this baby Sally and has clear memories of them all getting into the van after the shooting and driving to a parking lot where they would toss the baby into a dumpster. Afterwards her father would tell all the children this is what will happen to them if they don’t do what he tells them to do. So the children all learned to live in fear, keep their heads down, be quite and don’t make eye contact. If one of them didn’t follow these unspoken guidelines then “bad things” would happen. 

“The 3 boys that lived with them (ages 8, 10 and 12) were tortured physically and mentally. They were tied to chairs and forced to watch hours and hours of porn. Then they had to perform those same acts on the young children. [P’s] parents would park at a store and force the boys to take a shopping cart with a small child in it and go inside and steal food. Little did I, [the mother], know that a shopping cart would hold such terrifying memories for such a small little girl. It would take over 6 months of daily shopping cart rides before [P] would sit in one without vomiting. All part of the healing process that is so tough to go through with these children. The boys were beaten and forced to do things beyond their physical capabilities. All three of them suffer severe physical problems due to this. At this time they are all three still in therapy, have severe emotional trauma and have a hard time fitting into a “normal” society.

“The younger children were tortured by being strapped in car seats and placed in a tub of ice water until they would stop screaming and become willing participants to the desires of the adults. Soap, lotions, bubbles, toilet paper, Kleenex, you name it if it could be stuffed up their noses it was done just as a means of torture and to show the children the adults were the boss and you better do what you are told to do. Add to this bottles filled with Benadryl and Oxycontin to numb their senses and you have children ready and willing to do anything to survive regardless of the cost. The children were not given food but were fed out of bottles which keeps them at a low human level needing to rely on the very adults abusing them to feed them. It is all part of the sick process that the human traffickers do to a person. They make their victims believe that they will die if they are not 100% dependent upon them. And it’s sad to say it is true in part. The victims’ lives are truly at risk and they know it.

“But thankfully [P’s] story was about to change. 

“A housekeeper walked in to clean a motel room in [city C, State B] and found 54 children unattended in the room. The floor was covered in drugs, needles, bottles of Benadryl and very drugged children. She immediately dialed 911. The police removed the children and placed them in foster care. At the age of 2 1/2 years [P] had peach fuzz for hair, weighed 16 lbs. and wore a size 9 months for clothes. She was not able to pick up her head and had very little muscle strength. She had never talked and we were told she never would. When she first came to our house she was clinging to us like a baby monkey but once she got inside we were not able to get near her without her screaming, kicking and biting us. It would take two weeks before she would start to trust us and that was the day I caught her singing a Katy Perry song. At that moment I knew she could talk but had lived her life too afraid to make a noise. 

“If the maid had not come in on that day by accident [P] was to be sold the next day and she would currently be an 8 year-old sex slave right here in America. 

“Now the sad part of the story is that NONE of the adults went to jail. Her parents are still on the move and continue to travel back and forth from [state A to state B]. So why are they not behind bars? Well due to the age of the children, the time it took them all to start talking about everything that happened and the fact that none of them wanted to go before a judge and tell their story and face these monsters they have never been convicted of human trafficking. It’s a hard thing to convict a person of. The buyers are not going to come forward and press charges that they never got their promised goods of young children [Note: a 9yr. old virgin is valued at $350,000 cash]. The victims are perceived to be unreliable due to the fact that most of the time they are kept in dark rooms and drugged beyond comprehension. In [P’s] case she would not have been able to testify until she was 4 years old as that is state law. So, as you can see the list goes on and on as to why these criminals get away with selling people like street candy and never get convicted.”

I personally know this little girl and I know she is the sweetest thing on earth! P’s history is apart of her character, personality, and faith. Her story needs to be known, so please share this with those you know so that they can know what goes on in the trafficking empire.






One thought on “A Story From the Heart

  1. There are no words to describe how I feel. This little girl is a living example of the difference love from an adopted family can make. What a precious gift they have given her!

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