Recognize The Signs

This is a list of “signs” that I gathered which may tell you if this person is tangled in the web of human-trafficking:

  • Under 18 years old and is known to profit from sex acts.
  • Excessively monitored to the point of their “guardian” speaking for them and always having to be right next to them.
  • Suddenly segregated from the rest of their family and friends.
  • Unable to inform you about their weekly schedule (work or not), living conditions, and is suspected to work and live in the same place.
  • Many faults in their story (contradicting places like age or family life)
  • Overkill security at their home (cameras, boarded windows, etc.) with a steady stream of men coming and going from the home or work location.
  • Change in dress, hair, jewelry, hands and/or nails.
  • Appear to be sexually or physically abused: bruises, cuts, malnourishment, anxiety, avoids eye contact, depression, submissiveness, and fear.
  • Substance abuse problems (alcohol/drugs), psychological disorders, chronic illnesses, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Has many hotel cards, sharp objects (weapons), and/or lots of money
  • Sudden boyfriend, usually much older than her
  • Tattoo of a name (not their own) that he/she is unable or reluctant to explain


If you believe, from these symptoms, that someone you know is involved in sex-trafficking, call the National Trafficking Hotline: 1.888.3737.888






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